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Has any one tried the FunPix yet? I'm looking for honest feed back... the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Would you do it again? Was there any down side?



Jeff -

Closing because this isn't a question with a definitive answer, only a series of opinions. For more, go here in the 2016 forum:

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Went for the first time on May 8. Wife told me to make sure I took some selfies. I told her no problem, I intended to buy FunPix for the season and we would have they CP staff take our pictures.

Entered the park, had them take our picture, took the card. Went over to the booth and bought the season long subscription. He tried to add the pictures that were just taken...WiFi was down and the pictures were not yet uploaded. We'd have to come back to add the pictures.

Rode Magnum. Went to the kiosk to add my son's first Magnum ride...we couldn't find our photo. Apparently, only the first half of the train was getting pictures taken.

Stopped at the self-service photo booth on the Frontier Trail with the Bucket o' Fun. Scanned my card. No countdown, no picture.

Rode MF. Successfully saved our picture to the card. My head is cut off.

At the end of the day, went back to the front booth to get the first picture added. Still not available, please bring the card back next time and we can add it. Stopped and scanned the QR code near the front sign outside the gate and took some pictures with my phone with a nice "Mother's Day" frame.

We went back on the 22nd. Had our pictures taken when we entered the park and then again at the Valravyn throne, using the card from the 8th. Rode Magnum (ejector seat) and successfully added the picture. I thought I had added my kids' passes to the app for FunPix, but we determined that we could not use their passes at the kiosks, only mine. On our way out of the park, stopped at the front booth and had the pictures that were taken on the original card added to the account. The pictures from that day were added just fine. But, apparently, the pictures from the 8th are gone.

The issues on the 8th, I'll chalk up to initial weekend glitches that it seems that they've straightened out. I would like to be able to add the pictures from the cardboard cards to my own account without having to stop at the booth every time. Even if it was a self-service kiosk, that would be better.

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The only bad parts of the service are these:

- Sometimes the kiosks in the on-ride photo booths having difficulty scanning your pass. The key is to hold it back from the scanner about 5". The kiosks are also finicky with their network connectivity, it seems. So sometimes you may have to wait a day to see your photo pop up in your account.

- You have to collect cards from the front-of-the-park photographers and have the FunPix booth people connect the picture to your account.

Oddly enough, these are the only downsides. I thought eventually there would be a line at the on-ride photo kiosks, but this has yet to be my experience. Overall, I think $40 is a steal for the all-season FunPix. I would buy it again at this price.

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