Former Monster Jam area prediction

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I may be in the minority, but I don't like the venue or the location. I was hoping it would last about as long as Shoot the Rapids. Much of this may have to do with the perceived "rush job" of putting it in once Wildcat was removed.

On the flip-side, the talent and shows have actually been's the venue and its location that leave much to be desired.

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Problem is that at the time it was installed there wasn't really a better spot that could accommodate the size of it's footprint elsewhere in the park. Actually I can't think of a space now that would work without removing something.

As for the former Cedar's location, I'd rather it not be used for a new attraction. I like my idea of shifting the road a little to allow more space inside the park but overall keep the trees that occupy the space and maybe give some more parking to the Marina. Add a picnic/park area under those trees, like how it was years ago.

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I agree. So if I am playing RCT2.....what I would do is move the Matterhorn and the bathrooms and put the stage there....much more of an open area where the crowd decides which way to go with a fork in the road.

I don't know about the Cedars space. The trees look great, it's so close to the marina...I would actually hate to see it taken up by an attraction forced into what is currently a relatively quaint piece of land.

Let it be.

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My biggest gripe about the stage is it gets too congested around there. I think they should use some of that free space to either make a bypass or put the stage over there.

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I mean that’s basically what I was suggesting. Route the midway to the left and around the stage/viewing area.

History... The Monster was there and Bayorn Kyrvon sat there before the Wildcat was built.

Everyone is correct about a Roller Coaster. That is why the the Dorms where demolished. The Coaster was gonna be Open 2021. Damn Covid 19. The Coaster won't be for a few years now. Not a Wooden. I cant say unless someone types it down.

^I didn't know the Lemon Chill Guy was open this season

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If Mr Cedar Point really knew his history he’d know that when Monster arrived it was across the Midway, between Frontier Lift and the “new” Western Cruise. All of that left the area for Iron Dragon. Bayern Kurve and Schwabinchen were the rides on the Cedars side of the midway- when they moved out Wildcat moved in.
I wonder if this speaks to his reliability as a predictor of new attractions.

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As its been said here many times, those who know dont speak and those who dont know, act like they do.

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Those who don't know randomly capitalize words apparently.


I'm just sad I never got to ride Bayorn Kyrvon

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They used to have a Bayorn Kyrvon at Kennywood, but they removed it and replaced it with a generic Bayern Kurve.

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I see that misspelling and my brain immediately turns to Chyron. I learned video graphics on a Chyron VP-2, and later upgraded “my” studio from a horrible Quanta to a Chyron PC-Codi. Used that until we couldn’t find a PC with an ISA slot that could run Windows 95...

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VP-2 was the first CG I ever used, with the fonts on the ROM's inside the front door. Good times.

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Somewhere I have a old ECM-44 box with a bunch of VP-2 fonts in it...

Then they installed a Amiga powered Video Toaster in the master control room to replace the VP-2...

A whole buncha new fonts to play with! And fascinating timing issues... The GVG-300 in there was only quasi happy with that VT signal.

Sheesh we are more than seasoned...

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Okay, you're all wrong

The cleared space is obviously where they're going to be putting the Polercoaster.

Somebody's gotta build one first, might as well be us :P

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