Try the chicken tenders. I hear that they are a modern elixir that will solve all ailments of the body and mind.

With one exception, every time I've been to the park the Wild Turnip has been closed.

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Try the chicken tenders.

I made some chicken tenders at home tonight on the Blackstone. I tried to explain to my children that there are many people in Ethiopia who would kill for such lower-class fare while they struggled through the meal.

As the tears rolled down my face whilst I flipped the tenders, I couldn't help but feel the veil of shame slip over me as a father who had failed his children. How could it be that I, an educated, well-off father of two chose to cook this vile part of such a foul bird (pun intended) and present it as sustenance to my offspring? Where had I gone wrong?

And then, just as I saw the vision of my children disowning me as they matured, a glimmer of hope as the youngest tugged at my apron and quietly whispered....

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I made some chicken tenders at home tonight

Put a dollop of applesauce on the plate and add a few carrot sticks. Wash it down with some green Kool-Aid. Meal fit for royalty!

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I whilst pass on that form of sustenance!

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