First ride of the season?

What is your absolute "must" for a first ride of the season? Do you have one in mind or are you going with the shortest line you see when you get in the gates?

I'd have to go with Ripcord! I'm scared to death I'm going to die every time I ride it, but the thrill of freefall is absolutely amazing!!

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I'm too sexy for my harness!

I always ride raptor for my first ride every time I go. I guess because it's the first ride

Fury 325 was my first ride of 2016, but at Cedar Point it will most likely be Ripcord, test riding. But when I have the choice of anything in the park, definitely Valravn.

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If I park in the front parking lot I will try to get on Valravn. If I park in the back lot either Maverick or Magnum XL 200.

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My first ride of 2016 was Diamondback. My first ride at Cedar Point is likely going to be Valravn.

My 1st ride last year 2 years was the Raptor. This year I might walk back to the Maverick. I bet my mind will change to ride the Valravn.

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Valravn of course!

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Missed a full season at CP for the first time since 2007, maybe Sandusky will be back on my travel list next year.... Depends what CP has up their sleeve for 2023.

I went to the indoor amusement park at the I-X Center in Cleveland a few weeks ago so technically those were my first rides of the season. I am going to Knoebels next weekend so my first real ride this year will probably be Twister or the Phoenix.

As for Cedar Point, Its gotta be Magnum.

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My first ride was Cyclone at Luna park, but the first for Cedar Point will likely be Maverick.

CP Top 5: 1) Steel Vengeance 2) Maverick 3) Magnum 4) Raptor 5) Millennium

Maverick... To avoid the Valravn line.

SV ruins all other rides.

The first thing I look forward to at Cedar Point isn't even a ride in the park. I love coming around the bend on the causeway and seeing the skyline unfold... No idea what the first ride will be because I will leave it entirely up to the first-timer that's coming with me.


I agree with you, Shane, except that the first view that excites me is seeing the park (on a clear day) across the bay from the Edison Bridge on RT. 2. First ride has been Magnum for decades now, but I might an exception for Valravn'his year.

Skydiver said:
I agree with you, Shane, except that the first view that excites me is seeing the park (on a clear day) across the bay from the Edison Bridge on RT. 2.

Where's this? We come inform the east (from Rochester, NY) on Rt 2 westbound to Rye Beach Rd. I've never seen the park until we get to Cleveland Rd, it can be seen for a second where the old airport was.

edit: I just checked out a map on Google. Are you coming in from the west? I can see where you would cross the bay and have a pretty sweet view...

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First overall ride was Fury 325 on April 1. First ride at CP will likely be Valravn on May 6th.

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I'm running straight to Valravn, then Millennium Force and Maverick.

Magnum has always been, and always will be my first ride when visiting CP. Regardless of any shiny new coaster opening up. Magnum holds a special place in my heart. Unfortunately, there will be no Magnum or CP this year. Going to be really long year with no coasters!

Shoot the rapids!!


Whatever happens to be in my way. A multitude of variables can alter the outcome at any given moment. Did we (OK, not me, as that is never an issue. The wife, and kids on the other hand, are not big on leaving the warmth of their respective beds) gain consciousness early enough to make early entry? If so, what gate have we chosen? Once again, another variable. Are we getting Fast Lane? The list is endless. Personally, I am a fan of the marina, and beach entrances. They seem to offer the most options.

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