Favorite sounds of CP

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I love the sort of snorty sound Blue Streak makes when it comes up off the tracks and the train whistle.

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Sitting at the boat, I really enjoy hearing the whistles of the CP & LE Raiload, the roar of Rougarou and the countless times a day I hear the ride ops of Blue Streak telling riders to put away their cell phones of the train going up the lift hill. Also honorable mention is the Jet Express' horn on arrival and departure from the marina.

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Cargo Shorts said:

Thabto said:
The sound of someone being made whole again.

Could you describe that sound, Sir?

It's similar to a fast deflating balloon but with more resonance.

Millennium Force Station Music. Makes me smile every time, and sometimes i even hum along while I wait for those gates to open.

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Any chain lift!

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I will chime in about the CPLE RR train whistle. We moved to Sandusky this year, we are approx. 1 mile south of downtown. I was in my yard one evening in late April & clearly heard Raptor roaring. Then on those dates of Passholder Preview I repeatedly heard the train whistle loud & clear. It really got us pumped for opening day.

At the park I enjoy hearing it at different areas. One morning waiting on MF ramp a Tofts' Dairy truck was on the roadway and tooted it's horn rythmically da da da da da to which the train answered da da. Other times i've heard it toot Jingle Bells. I listen for the whistle when in Frontier Town to judge my timing of whether I should go take the train or walk Frontier Trail, I don't want to sit in the station.

Then there is the other sound it makes. "Please remain seated, the train tends to roll backwards."

Walking towards Gemini coming from the front of the park and hearing TTD roar as it launches when you walk by it. Also the hydraulics right when a cycle on skyhawk starts up.

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The Doppler effect as MF flies past the station platforms

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The clanging sound from Millennium's lift hill.

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The train whistle for sure, the whistle meant "I'm at CP" for me ever since I was a kid.

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I forget what the machine or game's name is but it's in the front of the arcade. It plays a synthesizer type melody.

The clanking metal sounds of Demon Drop from the parking lot was always the sound I remember hearing as soon as we opened the car door. Passing through the front gate and not seeing it is still odd, even though it's been 8 years.

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My favorite sound is when the ice actually dispenses out of a Freestyle machine and it is not out.

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How about that wonderful, unique purr or hum that Witches Wheel makes during its' cycle. Love it. RIP

Waking up to screams of pain from mean streak sleeping in the cottages across the street

The train whistle as well as the sound of the steam locomotive itself (must be the railroader in me), the sound of Blue Streak's lift hill chain, the roar of Corkscrew as it snakes its way over the midway, and the sound of Mine Ride's train engaging the second lift.

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The sound of Cedar Downs now that they've gone back to having a race announcer.

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^ I love that race call. This morning we were waiting a long time for ValRavn to open, I looked up the call on YouTube & played it. I always thought it was from the 1950's or something but it is 2002. I also always thought the longshot winner was "Sir Bravo", the name is actually Sarava. I always root for War Emblem but he never wins, just like I never won at Northfield in the 1980's.

The roar of the Raptor flying down the first hill.

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Republica's "Ready to Go"

Riding Magnum at closing time when everything else is silent

Bonesville banjo

Chain lifts and the clankety anti-rollbacks

Cedar Downs

Train pulling out of station

and the sounds long-gone attractions that I sometimes still hear. Western Cruise, "We're losing control!", Wildcat's kicker tire squeals...

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