Fall Hours Announced

Halloweekend hours have been posted and they’re open Thursday night and all day Friday in addition to Sat and Sun like last year. Looking forward to coming up from Florida and enjoying Halloweekends for the first time in 5 years!

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I'm surprised they put up the fall hours already. Didn't this come much later in the last few years? In any case, glad to see Thursdays have returned. My friend and I had a lot of fun this past year on a Thursday, and were pleasantly surprised by how many people showed up.

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Up until 2020 they would often have the entire season schedule for the following year within a few days of closing day from the prior season.

2020 was what it was, and then 2021 was the only season where the Opening Day-Labor Day schedule posted and then the fall schedule came later.

I seem to recall them not announcing past Labor Day for a few years prior to 2020. Or maybe I’m just thinking of Resort reservations not being available. Or maybe I’m just making it all up in my head.


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