Early Entry Rides 2018

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I called the park, and they said there has never been such a thing as resort passes handed out at registration desks, and that whoever suggested such a thing is merely delusional (hence the reason they blocked those lots only at the time of your visit in 2016...something about "guest safety"). They said it's best if I just play along, though, and to have a nice weekend.

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It’s just a card, not really a pass.

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Are these “resort passes” really just the hotel room key cards? Last time I tried to use early entry as a resort guest (not as a Platinum Pass holder) I had to show my room key at the gate by Magnum.


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No they are not the room keys, they are 'passes' printed on card stock with CP Resort early entry pass with a line for dates and guest name and were offered to those in your resort stay that did not have a platinum pass. Last year was the first year we've seen them being used. Some days they would ask for them at early entry line by Magnum and (typical of CP security) some days they would not ask to see them.

Missed a full season at CP for the first time since 2007, maybe Sandusky will be back on my travel list next year.... Depends what CP has up their sleeve for 2023.

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