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I'm going out of my normal 'comfort' zone this year(CP) and utilizing my passes better. While 3/4 of this season will be @ CP, I'm going to Carowinds early June, as a quick visit, while on my way to Florida. For those of you that have visited other CF parks, do our plat.pass benefits travel with us in regards to lodging discounts and such? YES, I've visited website & all info hasn't been released yet. Mostly my curiosity is with early morning entry. CP seems to have the best line-up and most allotted time of all, while Carowinds is very limited to 1 or 2 rides and only 1/2 prior to gate opening to general public..is that correct? This area is technically our halfway point, so we'll arrive around 5pm, hoping for a few coaster rides. The next morning before continuing travels, I'd like to enjoy early entry. Then hit it again on way home! Has anyone had issues with our home park passes being honored elsewhere out of state? My 'Disclosure' is YES, I've checked the website-it's not fully updated. There's also no sense in calling because answer will be the same. I have visited Carowinds fan site & still not finding my specific answers. Do the southern parks draw crowds like CP? I ask because there seems to be a minimal fan base(from what I can find). I'm just looking for some sound & based Point Buzz fan advice.

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I got my platinum pass from Valleyfair, and I also was able to get early entry to the parks that offer it. At Carowinds, I only made it to Fury 325 for early entry. Couldn't even tell you what else is open, but I'd assume Afterburn and Intimidator. All the other perks transfer as well. As for crowds, the only two that are comparable to Cedar Point are Canada's Wonderland and Kings Island.

As for coasters - Carowinds is dubbed the Cedar Point of the south, but the coasters as a whole don't really compare. I'd rank it fourth in the chain behind Cedar Point, Kings Dominion, and Kings Island. When you are at the park, you need to eat in Harmony Hall.

Thanks for the information! I'm just hoping to ride Fury 325 and Intimidator as well. My times (arriving/departing)in park will be random. As I'm not going to buy Fast Lane (in any shape or form), I'm willing to wait 2 hours for each of my choices, then move on. The bonus I have is a return trip when I travel back to Ohio, so possibly extra ride time. I have All season dining, so Harmony Hall will be on radar!

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I used my Platinum Pass at 4 CF parks last year. You won't have any issues using your pass at any of the parks. I don't think the employees can even tell that your pass was purchased at Cedar Point. Keep in mind that most of the other CF parks push Gold Passes the way CP pushes the Platinum Pass, so when purchasing food/souvenirs, you will be asked if you have a Gold Pass. Just give them your Platinum for the same discounts.

I'm not sure what Carowinds' crowds are like early in the season. I visited toward the end of August last year, and lines were non-existant. I think the longest I waited for any ride was 30 minutes....maybe, and that was for Fury.

I second the opinion on Harmony Hall. If I could take anything from another CF park and plop it at CP, HH would be it. Great food, great A/C, great show venue, and they even have a bar. (CP, can we just get rid of Midway Market and put in our own Harmony Hall?)

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I went to Carowinds and Kings Island last year and had no issues at all with my Platinum Pass. Definitely hit up Fury 325 and Intimidator. Those lines move fast, so no FL really needed. HH has really good food choices.

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Also, keep in mind that Carowinds only does early entry on certain days, so you'll have to consult with that calendar once it's posted.

Also lodging discounts are available at CF owned hotels. There aren't many outside of Cedar Point. If you're looking for a hotel just check out priceline.com or hotels.com. You can usually get a decent price and you can choose the level of hotel you want. Some people are cool with a $40/night bed, others wants a $200/night suite.

Of course it doesn't hurt to try calling local hotels to see if they offer discounts if you're staying at the park.

Carowinds and Kings Island are the "must visit" other Cedar Fair parks. I live about 90 minutes from Canada's Wonderland, which is also really good. Lots of great flat rides there, plus a solid top 2 with Leviathan and Behemoth. When you go to Carowinds, don't forget to walk to the back of the park and ride AfterBurn, it is a super underrated B&M Invert. Kings Dominion isn't on the level of Kings Island, but Intimidator 305 and Volcano are great, unique coasters.

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Do any or the other Cedar Fair parks have a campground like Cedar Point?


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Carowinds and King's Dominion (technically a KOA, but owned by the park I believe) do, not sure about the others.

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Keep in mind, if you're looking for Platinum Pass discounts on campground, CP stopped the 10% off years ago at Lighthouse Point and the former Camper Village.

Missed a full season at CP for the first time since 2007, maybe Sandusky will be back on my travel list next year.... Depends what CP has up their sleeve for 2023.

I've noticed a few comments in regards to crowd size/ wait time. Is Carowinds simply more efficient on ride operations or is it due to the fact amusement parks aren't as popular in the south(compared to other ares)? I'd be curious to find what the Carolinas have set as a standard school year-i.e.-school doesn't let out until mid June. My brother, who lives in TN says they have a shorter summer break, but longer breaks throughout the year. This trip will be fun regardless of wait times/ crowd size! I'm going out of my comfort zone and taking a serious road trip in my new car-adventure awaits!! But I'm thrifty, so any savings and tips mean a lot! And even if the weather is bad the day we hit, we can do it on the return home!

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There are very few parks that can match Cedar Point in capacity or operations. Cedar Point is just more well known for having world class coasters, and it also has a shorter operating schedule. Up until Fury 325, I was told by Carowinds regulars that the park almost never had lines. That ride seemed to bring quite a bump in attendance.

There are also more ways to spend time/money in the south, and more theme parks. Some of which are extremely busy.

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Go to Carowinds...skip Kings Dominion (unless Dominator and I305 are important to you)

Fury is an absolutely incredible coaster. They took the gate coaster concept and in many ways improved on it. Gatekeeper gives it that gate presence, but the way that interacts right when you hit the pavement from the parking lot is absolutely awesome. The only negative is it "looks" like it's going to give Behemoth/Apollo's Chariot level airtime, but it isn't as violent as it looks. Don't get me wrong though, it's an absolute blast. The turnaround is perfection though, especially the angles it throws you around at before diving under the bridge. Fantastic coaster.

Also be sure to hit up Harmony Hall for food while you're there. I think that park has the best food non third party in the Cedar Fair chain. The brisket there is awesome, and totally worth the price.

While that far over, it's a non Cedar Fair park, but look at Busch Gardens, it will not disappoint. I love Cedar Point, it'll always be my favorite park year after year...but man, if BGW was as close as CP....I'd pick it over CP everytime.

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MichaelB said:
Carowinds and King's Dominion ... do, not sure about the others.

Worlds of Fun does as well, open to folks with "... truck camper, conversion van, motor home, pop-up camper, fifth wheel or travel trailer..."; also cabins and cottages.

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thedevariouseffect said:

Go to Carowinds...skip Kings Dominion (unless Dominator and I305 are important to you)

That is kind of like saying skip Carowinds (unless Fury 325 and Intimidator are important to you).

My advice is, you have ridden one of the four Gigacoasters on this continent, why not make it three of four?

Been to Carowinds a few times and after getting used to CP lines,Carowinds lines are very short/non-existent. CP/CF platinum pass works fine for parking,entry,and other perks.

Temperatures for June there are upper 70s' to low 80s'.

Lines for Fury that I've had were 1/2 hr at the most,even when the parking lot was full.

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jscll said:

That is kind of like saying skip Carowinds (unless Fury 325 and Intimidator are important to you).

The thing is there's way more in the park than those two. Their Hurler clone is absolutely brilliant, and Afterburn is still the best B&M invert I've ever been on. Sadly their star wooden coaster is now gone, but there are still many other perks to that park. If you've been to KI you're not getting many great exclusives by going to KD tbh.

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Dennis Urban said:

Lines for Fury that I've had were 1/2 hr at the most,even when the parking lot was full.

This. I've never waited more than 30 minutes for Fury, most times is a 10-15 minute wait. The same can be said for Intimidator.

thedevariouseffect said:

Their Hurler clone is absolutely brilliant[.]

That really does not help your argument.

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