Coaster Mania

Hello everyone, just wanted to ask who might be going to Cedar Point this coming Friday for Coaster Mania? The four of us; myself included will be there. I won't be part of the event this year since I did Coaster Stock at Kings Island. However, I will be able to participate in the GOCC photo if they have it and the dinner at Famous Dave's.

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We will be there tonight, staying at Lighthouse Point Cottage. Will be in the park all day Friday. 4th CoasterMania.

Planning on being there for the 6:30 check in, then stick around for lunch and then head out as I've been doing the past few Coastermanias . Might come back from home for the evening ERTs. Even though I was to the Point just over a dozen times last year, didn't get to ride Steel Vengeance yet. Couple years ago there was a PointBuzz members group shoot pic for after lunch but I took a nap in Western Trail and missed it.

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I'm going. Won't be going to Famous Dave's. Just going to use the dining plan. I haven't even been in that Famous Dave's part of the building since it was the Marina Steakhouse.

We will be coming down today and staying at the Breakers. This will be my 23rd Coasstermania.

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