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Hi, we are looking to visit in May for a few days (around the opening date) it will be our first visit to cedar point (and probably the last opportunity we get to go) so want to make sure we are as prepared as possible. Does anyone have any tips or advice for going that time of year? We will be visiting Sunday - Wednesday so are we better off looking at the platinum pass? Also any tips on the best hotels to stay? We will hire a car as coming from UK so doesn’t matter if the hotel is a drive away.
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Chris49 -

Well, now I suppose you should look at the Gold pass. And it is SO worth it to stay in a Cedar Point hotel.


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If you're coming for the first time and you don't know if you'll return, I would highly recommend staying at the Breakers hotel. The prices for the hotel during the week in May are significantly cheaper than during the middle of the summer and, if you do decided to purchase at least one platinum pass, you should receive a discount on your room. If you don't stay at the breakers, you'll be driving to and from the park every day which can be a drag, if you're just looking to be immersed in the park (it's hard for Europeans to truly appreciated before arriving, but there's no public transport, biking, or walking options at the park. You must drive!)

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Also keep in mind the weather can be extremely variable on the lake that time of year. You may need warm clothing, rain jackets etc. I sometimes need to get a locker to store layers that time of year.

Hard to say this far out what will be what, but if you have no use for a Platinum Pass besides that one visit I would say skip it. I’d look into Express, tickets are usually cheapest with a hotel package. Keep in mind Shores proabably won’t be open that early, another reason to skip the Platinum Pass. Watch over the off-season for ticket deals including Fast Lane, etc. Lastly, Opening Day & weekend tend to be a total **** show.

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Keep in mind that staffing levels are lower at that time of year so many food stands and shops may not be open. And when rides are just "waking up" from hybernation, there may be more mechanical downtime. Plus many of the staff is new around that time so operations tend to be slower as some are still training.

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