Cedar Point French Fry Deal for Passholders

Jeff, you should suggest to the forum developer that it be set up so that there is no quote button on the last post in the thread... 8-)

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It's appropriate to quote a portion of a previous post. You know it's not the same thing. There's a solution on the way.

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Jeff said:

The stuff CP is selling now is next level....

It really is. Yesterday we got a tasting-ticket lanyard for the Frontier Festival and it was beyond worth it. Our favorite was a "cold marinated shrimp taco"; the portion sizes were great and everything we tried was EPCOT-festival level food. I usually don't take food pics, but had to.

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I am happy to see the burrito bowls back. I love the offerings at BackBeatQ and at the new Farmhouse, but more often than not they are lukewarm at best by the time I get seated and dig in. But the bowl I had yesterday evening at Miss Keat's was excellent!

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I too am glad to see the burritos back there! Is there a place to get a large turkey leg this season?

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