Cedar Point Dreams

I've had 2 dreams about CP, but many dreams about Geauga Lake.

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^Let's hear them. Most of my cedar point dreams as of recently have been about work.

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I still dream about Geauga Lake once a week or so.

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PB-Reader said:

I had another dream last night, wasn't the greatest dream, but it was a dream, none the less.

Basically, Windseeker wasn't the new ride after all, the new ride was a Flyer, Yellow Track, with Black Cars. One of the hills went sideways across the midway above the entrance gate, it was almost a parking lot coaster.

Huh. If dreams are really premonitions, maybe gatekeeper is yellow with black cars in an alternate universe.

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I had a dream that Cedar Point had Dominator from Geauga Lake across from Rougarou on the midway. It was weird since Dominator is already at Kings Dominion. However, in my dream they duplicated it and then decided to send that one to Kings Island. I know, that makes no sense.

My Cedar Point dream is more like Groundhogs Day. Same thing, over and over and over and...

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