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A bit off topic here, but after reading SarahB1863‘s post I have realized since Space Spiral’s departure, the park really does lack a good observation attraction. It would be great to see CP add an observation tower or even something like the Eiffel Towers at KI and KD (preferably not as bulky) to really capture the sheer daytime and nighttime beauty of the park. It really is a place like no other when it comes to setting and views.

Cedar Point isn’t the best park for night rides, if you’re looking for darkness. With so much of the available land in use, the resulting light pollution spills into every corner. A couple of the most successful are Windseeker and Magnum and that’s because the view of the lake is nothing but inky blackness. I prefer Millennium Force during the day because the view of the first drop is better.

I really liked Dragster at night... but don't sit in the front seat. I had about fifty dead bugs splattered on my face and shirt after a nighttime front seat ride.

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And you peed your pants.

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Nah... was a hot day and still hadn't dried out from a few consecutive rides on Thunder Canyon earlier in the day.

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And you peed your pants.

I mean I already considered him Miles Davis

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I really like Sven at night. It is fairly disorientating in pleasant ways.

Mill Force at night is good as well. I am looking forward to riding it this season when BOB is is full swing on the island. Lights, fog, and voodoo music... Probably can't hear the music.

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