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Hello point buzz! First time poster but I've lurked for a while. A little backstory I've been to cedar point twice but could only afford to go one day, and its been a few years since I've gone. I finally booked a two day trip on June 13th and 14th, I booked a two person, two day ticket to cedar point and cedar point shores, we'll be staying one night at the express hotel. We're driving there on the 13th from the metro detroit area (roughly an hour and 45 minute drive) then leaving after close on the 14thHere goes my questions

1. Will I get early entry and parking vouchers for both days I'm at the park, even though we're only staying one night?

2. How does it work going back and forth between the parks? Do you get a hand stamp like when you're exiting the park?

3. Is the all day dining plan worth it? We're heavily considering getting dining plans/drink wristbands for at least one of the two days.

4. How long does it take to drive from the express hotel to the resort gate?( I know you have to go around the park)

This is all I have for now, any other tips and tricks you have would be appreciated. Thank you!!

Cargo Shorts -

1. Not sure about that. Call or email Guest Services.
2. They hand stamp.
3. All day Dinning is a meal every 90 minutes. Keep in mind it is a limited selection of food. Two people can share each meal, so you will save money. Disposable cup wristbands are totally worth it. The souvenir bottle is bigger but not allowed in the que of most big rides, so you get a locker or hide it in the bushes and risk loosing it,
4. Maybe 10 minutes tops unless the toll booths are stacked up. CPS ERT starts at 10:30 so last year they prevented parking in the CPS lot until 9:30. So to get 9:00 ERT for the dry park you needed to park in main lot. Expect the same this year. The new Boardwalk this year goes all the way from the main lot to the resort gate so you can get there early and walk back to the resort gate if you want.

The resort gate has security and line to get in but gets you closer to the back (we know why you want to start there). There are more security stations at the front so getting into the park may be faster. Which option gets you to the back faster? Not sure and probably varies.

Now what to do about going to CPS later in the day? Leave your swim gear in the car and drive your car back to the CPS lot or bring it in and rent a locker. There is a shuttle that runs as well but I have never used it and not sure about the frequency.

The ride lines should be manageable Friday the 12th, but if the weather is nice Saturday’s are busy. Try and budget for FastLane+ on Saturday if you can.

chris9ty -

3- we loved the 2 day dining plan- cheaper than 2 one days- $53 I share meals with my son and we watch the clock for the 90 min. If we get 4 meals a days it’s worth it! Check out CPfoodblog.com he will be updating what’s on the plans soon.

Cyanide Princess -

Thank you for letting me know about the resort gate not being open for ERT. Also we are going on the 13/14th which is a Wednesday and Thursday , this is typically when I've gone before and lines have always been manageable so I'm not planning on buying Fast Lane. But thank you.

MayB -

Just a point of clarification, the resort gate is open for ERT but the parking lot is not so it would be a hike from the main parking lot to enter there. However, another option would be the Marina Entrance Gate that (at least in past years) has been open for ERT. It's the closest entrance to Valravn and Millennium Force and not too much far from Frontier Town.

Cyanide Princess -

Thank you! I'm really looking forward to Steel Vengeance the most, as well as maverick, which I've never ridden before, so we want to get to those coasters first. Were definitely not looking to go earlier and walk around to the other entrance. I'm not a morning person so i dont want to get up earlier than I have to, but still want to get the most out of the park.

Shane Denmark -

FastLane Plus may be a wise investment for Steel Vengeance alone. I would expect long lines the entire season for SV.

Cyanide Princess -

I appreciate the tip, however an extra 170 dollars just to get us both one day of fast lane plus, just isn't in the budget for us, unless we walk from Michigan and don't eat for two days lol.

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Don't forget that the Boardwalk extends to the main parking lot now, so you can park in the main lot and easily walk to the resort gate or beach gate.

Cargo Shorts hit every answer except the first one so I’ll chime in there. You can “check in” any time and get your tickets, ERT, parking pass, etc but don’t count on your room being ready first thing in the morning. So yes, you would be able to enjoy 2 days of Early Entry. Also, did you get your park tickets as part of a hotel package at Express? If you read the fine print, free parking at CP is only included if you buy a ticket package at Express or Castaway Bay. So if you bought tickets elsewhere (or have a season pass), you don’t get free parking at CP. They don’t charge to park at the hotel either way.

Check out the FAQ section at the bottom of the CP Express website...


Cargo Shorts -

Does the park start letting guests in to the barricaded area prior to 9:00 ERT rope drop? I don’t think they do at the resort enterance so if they so it may be faster from the front gate becuase Security Theater can be excruciatingly slow at the resort gate.

Cyanide Princess -

Yes I purchased my tickets as part of a package at the express hotel, and it doesn't matter if my rooms ready. Were planning to leave the park for a bit around 4 and check in to the hotel then. Thank you. I'm assuming from your answer about ERT being both days that parking would be as well?

Shane Denmark -

Yes you’ll get ERT & free parking for both days.

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