2023 CP ride & attraction Anniversary Dates

It's that (down)time again to reflect on some important anniversaries coming for the 2023 season.

5th Anniversary: Steel Vengeance rollercoaster.

10th: Gatekeeper rollercoaster

15th: Planet Snoopy

20th: the coaster formerly known as TTD.

25th: Power Tower (Wow, has it really been that long?!)

30th: Snake River Falls

35th: old Soak City/ current CP Shores.

45th: Gemini rollercoaster

55th: Kiddieland Carousel

60th: the CP/LE Railroad (dam, seems like we JUST celebrated the 50th!!)

Thanks for posting. I still remember riding Gatekeeper on media day before my shift for Ohio State Day, and I remember riding Steel Vengeance with my buddy on its opening day before the bump heard around Northwest Ohio.

The best one for me by far though still has to be being on the Platform Crew for CP & LE Railroad’s 50th Anniversary. That was a very special day.

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13-Tiques/Wave Swinger
12-Camp Snoopy; Tiques/Wave Swinger
11-CP & LE Railroad Platform; Cedar Creek Mine Ride; Tiques/Wave Swinger

This just makes me feel old. Gatekeeper media day definitely feels like yesterday and Dragster opening day doesn't seem like it was nearly 20 years ago.


Wow! Hard to believe it will be 45 years since my summer working at the park. I didn’t ride the Gemini that year because the lines were long, and we worked six days a week. I guess I figured I’d be back, and I have been back many times. But time goes by way too fast.

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We all get old! My last year was 1977.

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That Gatekeeper media day was a pivotal day in my life overall. Had a pretty deep talk with Matt O. up on the platform during a break about career and life. It was kind of a breakthrough moment, and it had a lot to do with why I moved to Orlando. That was a professional relationship that I'll never take for granted.

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Hard to believe SV is 5 years old this year already. Still seems like it was brand new last year! Maybe because the first year was riddled with downtime. Still hard to think it's been 5 years already!

Bernie Bernie:

Maybe because the first year was riddled with downtime.

Not to mention the four years after that

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I seriously question if given the choice I would choose first-year unreliability or grossly underfilled trains due to airport security wands.

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I'm only three years younger than Gemini. Holy heck.

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