? Winter Chill Out -Feb 25, 2017

I know I am jumping ahead, but, just curious if anyone has any info about this years Winter Chill Out.

I am sure it will be a few weeks before much is announced, just looking for some incentive to get through the cold blustery Ohio Winter weather that is ahead for us. Yes, I know it is 2 months away, I like to have something to look forward to during the winter.

Who doesn't like getting to wander the park in the winter...always funny to hear people say "You are going to Cedar Point? They aren't open yet, are they?"

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Tickets should be going on sale soon. I would think around next week.

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Yes, someone does.

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Awe. On my birthday. *swoon

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There may even be cupcakes there to help you celebrate. ;)

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Cupcakes and Coasters?!!!

Woo-Hoo....sounds like a party to me!!

Tickets go on sale about 10am tommorrow.

Event Page

My group of 4 is all set to go!!

We are part of the 10:30 group.

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Got our two for 8am ;)

Missed last year due to a schedule conflict, but not this time!

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Just got my husband's and my tickets for 8:00AM Yay! Can't wait! Had a blast last year! :-)

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I'm in for 10AM. This is an impressive event, especially considering the staff members are donating their time.

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Our Winter Chill Out page is here:


Once again, we'll be listing attendees from PointBuzz. If you're interested in being included on that list, send me a private message with your time.

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We are set for 9:30. The weather was great last year, hoping for the same!

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Does anyone know if you can return tickets? Or would anyone be willing to trade I have 2 10:30 tickets looking for an 8am

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Just bought two for 8:30am. Couldn't be more excited as I've never been to a WCO event before!

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I may be going, the dates come close to when I was going to go up for the Cleveland Auto Show (anyone going to the Detroit Auto Show this weekend too?).

Only thing holding me back is cost. It's great it all goes to charity, but for two people for an impromptu trip up to the point starts to creep on a bit expensive once we factor in lodging/fun stuff/etc. We shall see.

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Have never gone to this and won't be this year, but hopefully I can in 2018.

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8:30 here

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Just tried to see what tickets were left and the website says "No Packages Found"... Sold out already?!?


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